Twitter and Teachers

Twitter is a powerful tools for educators and it is easy to search for tweets based on hashtags.  I have listed some of my favorite tweets to search for, and ones that I also make sure I include in my tweets.

General Educational  Hashtag

#edchat – General conversations about education.  I would suggest attaching this to every tweet that has to do with education.

#edtechchat or #edtech – Conversations about technology in education.

#iPadEd or #iPadChat – Conversations about iPads in the classroom.

#FlippedClass or #FlippedTeaching – Conversations about Flipped Classrooms.

#CCSS – Conversations about Common Core.

#NTChat – Conversations targeted for new teachers .

Hashtags By Subject:

#MathChat (Math) – #SciChat (Science) – #EngChat (English) – #ArtsEd (Art) – #MusEdChat (Music) – #SSChat (Social Studies) – #HistoryTeacher (History)


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