Google Apps PD at Regnart Elementary

The other week, we had an opportunity to work with the staff at Regnart Elementary School to assist them with incorporating Google Apps into their curriculum.  Rather than do a standard How To session on Google docs, we adapted a 3rd grade ELA performance task from SBAC to include technology.  During the session, the teachers played the role of a 3rd grader so they could get a feel of what was being required of their students.Regnart Google Apps Training

The task was about growing a vegetable garden.  Each person took notes from a video on a collaborative Google document and then added notes from a choice of 3 other sources.  They then responded to a prompt using Padlet about the role vegetables play in a healthy diet.  Next, they read each other’s notes to give some feedback and see if there was anything they missed in their groups.  Using this information, they were guided through creating an Ignite presentation using Google Presentation.  Each member of the group was responsible for contributing 1 claim and relevant evidence.

You can see the workshop materials and presentation at:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 12.07.22 PM


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