The Sweet Spot

Back in the day there use to be a model called PAC where it labeled effective teaching by understanding both content and pedagogy.  Sure you could know how to do math, but what makes you a great math teacher is knowing how to teach it.  I mean think about it, without that pedagogy aspect all Engineers would be teaching math.  Or maybe not…

Now another topic added – technology!

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Our group has defined that area in the middle as “The Sweet Spot.”  Throughout this month we have been meeting with Principals and Leadership teams in our district.  We are sharing our goal of Students Using Technology in their Individual and Group Learning Everyday.  Our purpose of these meetings is to get ideas from theses groups to learn about how we can help them get there.  During our discussion we are talking about this “Sweet Spot” and asking staff to talk about their vision of what that looks like.  Some teachers are sharing stories of how they are already there – yay!

A Lincoln Elementary teacher will be taking her first grade class on a trip to Petco and allowing them to take their class set of iPod touches.  With them students will be taking pictures of various things around the store, so that when they come back they can put together a presentation about what certain pets need.  Cannot wait to see the final product!

A Blue Hills Elementary teacher told us about how her fourth grade students collaborate on Google Spreadsheets to create review questions for upcoming tests.  Students are assigned a row and need to fill in a question for each section they have covered in the columns.

Collins Elementary teacher explains how her students are using Google Earth to visit various places around the world to assist with their Social Studies units.

Dilworth Elementary teacher has students creating Educreations to share their thinking, and then shares them with parents via Twitter.

DeVargas Elementary teacher has her first grade students creating an animal unit.  Students are going to the library and using the National Geographic App on her class iPads to learn about various animals and their habit.

Cupertino Middle School teacher talks about how the flipped model has completely changed his Physical Education for the better.  Students watch videos to learn proper form and are expected to come into class and discuss as a group.  He said students have really become the teachers of the class and the engagement level has skyrocketed.


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