Collaborative Class Note-taking ideas

At the Fall CUE conference last week, there were several interesting ideas for integrating technology into your classroom.  One idea that would be easy to integrate is the idea of collaborative class notes.  Often we want students to take good notes during class, however this process adds a high cognitive load on many students such that they are not able to effectively participate in the activity or fully focus on the concepts and be able to ask good questions.

Solution: Assign 2 students each day to be the class note takers – a primary and secondary note taker.  It is their job to capture the class’s thoughts on a Google Doc.  This allows the rest of the class to fully engage in the learning activity.  At the end of the class, you can take a few minutes to show the class notes on your screen and whole class can verify that the notes captured the ideas and thoughts correctly.

Students now have a set of notes by which to study, everyone gets a chance to practice their note taking skills, and you have 95% of the class actively engaged in that day’s learning activities.


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