NaBloPoMo, It is a real word I swear!  Check out more info about NaBloPoMo by clicking the image below.  I will write about Instructional Tech, but to keep with the NaBloProMo prompt theme I’ll answer their questions at the end.  I’m one school day behind, but here we go…



If you are thinking about having your students blog check out

  • Teachers can create a class blog or add student accounts
  • Teachers have admin control over all of their students accounts
  • Default settings is that the blog is private, but can change to make it public
  • Students do not need an email account!
  • No ads on the site
  • Check out more reasons to use KidBlog here

If you use twitter look at #Comments4Kids – teachers are posting classroom blogs with the hope that students can gain a wider audience.  I spoke with one teacher about her experience with this and she said one of her first grade students come into class one day so excited that she had received 60 comments on her blog post about their class project.  Some comments were from her classmates, but some were from educators across the US.  The class spent that morning on Google Earth circling the cities where they received comments from.

NaBloPoMo Prompt Nov 4th:  Favorite Character of All Time?  Of all time is tough, but for right now it is Gloria from Modern Family


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