When trying to find the best app you really need to think about your instructional purpose first.  Now yes there have been times where I have come across an amazing app and forced it to work into my curriculum, but really the best practice is to define the purpose then find an app.

Graphite from Common Sense Media is the perfect solution.  You can look up apps or websites by subject, cost, grade level, and skills such as creativity, collaboration, and even thinking/reasoning.  Overall Graphite is a fantastic place to search for apps/websites.  Dare I say it, better than the  iTunes store?  I will let you decide that.  The amazing feature is their teacher rating system.  You read that correctly, Graphite has real-life in the classroom teachers rate these apps.  Talk about awesome!  Here is their review of Toontastic:

Toontastic - Graphite


For each app or website they also take it a step further and describe the engagement, pedagogy and support for that app/website.  As seen above…

Just consider this my holiday present to you:  Graphite – Common Sense Media

You are welcome!


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