Google in Napa Day 1

I was lucky enough to attend the GAFE Summit in Napa last week and walked away with some amazing tips, tricks, tools and some new Twitter friends.

First session I went to shared how it can be overwhelming to attend these conferences, and I couldn’t agree more!  You take frantic notes and step by step guides of what to do when you get home.  Then you get home and realize that you have stuff to grade, staff meetings to attend and the normal events of everyday life ahead.  When you finally have time to look at some of the things you have learned, everything has changed!

If you aren’t using YouTube as a learning device you need to start, and you need to start today.  If you search “google sites tutorial” the videos with the most hits will come up first.  Since Google changes all the time, that tutorial is probably out of date and the buttons won’t be in the same location as what you are seeing now.  After you search, filter out your results to the most recent.


During the Google Slam I was introduced to the following

  • – watch Google Demo Slams whenever you want and vote for your favorites
  • Lucid Chart – Note taking and mind mapping website that links to your GAFE – Google Apps for Education or your account.
  • Livebinders – Middle School Science teacher has a livebinder for each class and every tab corresponds to that day’s activity.  One location where you students need to go, and no excuse for being absent and not knowing what to do.
  • Power Searching with Google – Check out this online class you can take to learn how to become a Power Searcher!
  • Google Maps Engine Lite – You can import data from a Google Spreadsheet and organize locations.  Learn more about how you can play with Google Maps here
  • WeVideo – Very powerful video editing tool

Then my favorite was the Stink Eye!  If you have students working on a Google Doc and have all those docs in one folder, you select the Docs you would like to look at and you will see the “eye” button appear.  If you select that it will let you preview all the Docs you have selected.  So you can quickly check in and see how much students have completed without fully opening the Doc.

Stink Eye


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