Google in Napa Day 2

I spent my second day of GAFE learning from Jason Markey @JasonMMarkey, Will Kimbley @willkimbley, and Trevor Mattea @tsmattea – follow all of them right now on Twitter!

Jason Markey, AKA National Digital Principal Award Winner – huge congratulations!  Shared how his school – East Leyden High in Farklin Park, IL – has implemented a student run tech support.  These students fix all tech related issues, if they cannot they send it off to IT.  They have a digital tracking system and have seen about 9,500 tickets come through the door in the past 18 months.  Students have been able to solve 91% of them and the other 9% were sent to IT.  Of those 91% issues the students were able to solve 97% of them.  AMAZING!  Kids did a 2 day boot camp to learn about how to fix the problems that kids and staff might have.  We did a Google Hangout with their students – nice touch buddy, nice touch – and they talked about how majority of the issues they see are students who have forgotten their password, need a new charging port, or have a cracked screen.  Kids know how to input new charging chips into the chromebooks motherboard and just charge the student the fee for the new part which is $2.50.

Tech Support

Who doesn’t want Tech Support from Harry Styles?

Trevor did a great presentation on digital portfolios with Google Sites and his 3rd grade students.  It is so great to see the amazing things his kids are doing with their own personal portfolio!  Wish I had made one when I was in third grade that I could look back on.

Will shared some of his tricks for Google Forms and I am very excited to try them out!  Check out this PDF on how to make an instant feedback quiz: Google Forms – Instant Feedback QuizzesGoogle Forms


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