Finding Creative Commons Images easily with Google

Do your students simply do a Google search for images and download whatever they find regardless if they have the right to use the image.  Google has for awhile allowed one to do an advanced search and specify only images that are free to reuse, however this wasn’t a simple and obvious method to search.

As of today, Google has moved that filter to the main image search page.  For example, I did an image search for Pandas.

panda   Google Search

You can see my search bar and now I can select Search Tools and then Usage Rights.  If it is labeled for reuse, then you can use it in your student’s work – assuming you’re not charging money for the revised work.


One thought on “Finding Creative Commons Images easily with Google

  1. […] Find pictures of the first four presidents via Google Images.  You can do this right from Google Drawing!  Select “Insert” and then “Search” the images that will pull images that are labeled as “for commercial reuse with modification” which is pretty specific.  This copyright means you can’t make money off of it, and you can alter the photo.  If you pull images from Google Images you can narrow down the search to just “labeled for reuse” – Check out our blog post here on how to do that! […]

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