Are You a File or Pile Person?

Does your Google Drive account look like this?

From Skitch

Endless lists of documents, spreadsheet, or drawings with no specific location?  My organized, neat freak, everything has a place self will start to panic when my Drive starts to look like this.  Just looking at that image makes my blood pressure rise…

Yes, Google Drive has a very awesome search feature that allows you to locate any item by name.  Organizing files and folders will make life easier for you, I swear by it!

If you teach Middle School think about creating a folder for each period.  Then inside that folder you can drop all of your student created folders. 


Student Folder

I always recommend having students create their own folders and then share that folder with you!  As you can see from the middle column I created these student folders.  Truth be told, I improvised for this post and created “student” folders with names of family members and close friends.  You happy you made it into a post Mom?

Click Here! for a step by step guide for students to learn how to create and share a Google Drive folder from either a computer or iPad.

Once students share a folder with you it will be in your “Shared with me” tab – Step #1.  Select all the student folders that you want to move – Step #2.  Then select the “move to” button – Step #3.


Once you click the “Move to” button you will see your drive appear.  Then just select which folder you would like to move those selected student folders into and TA-DAH!  Note: This is a screenshot of my drive.  Yours will not look like this…

Move to

Keep in mind you only need to move that folder once!  Now anything that the student creates or drops into that specific folder will automatically be shared with you.  #AWESOME


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