Digital Turn-In Bin

Do you have a student turn-in bin?  Start to think about using Google Forms as your new Digital Turn-In Bin.

Google Form

Google Forms are an amazing way to collect data or information.  Teachers use forms to

  • Collect parent information
  • Create student assessments
  • Self assessments
  • Rubric checklists
  • Respond to lit circle questions
  • Sign up for office hours
  • Reading logs
  • Student surveys
  • Peer edit responses – this way you can see what the students are writing
  • Self reflection
  • And on and on and on…

When you log into your Google Drive account and hit the Red Create button select Forms.

Google Form

It will immediately prompt you to choose a template and name your document.  Then you can start creating questions you want your students to answer.  For the “Digital Turn-In Form” I would recommend asking their first and last name, period or subject, then offer a place for them to paste their link.  Really no need for any other questions.  The link students paste can be a Google Doc, a Website, a Blog Post, an Educreation Video, or anything you are doing in your classroom that offers a unique link.  After students submit their form you have a nice spreadsheet with links right next to the students name and period.

Stay tuned for Google Forms Part 2 next Thursday!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 3.24.34 PM


2 thoughts on “Digital Turn-In Bin

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