App-Smashing Workflow

Last month several of us were fortunate to attend the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit.  One of the big takeaways was how to “smash” apps together to generate a workflow.  iPads can be frustrating sometimes when trying to share work between apps and publishing a final product.  A couple of key thoughts when planning a project on an iPad:

  1. Pick an app to store your work – I would suggest Google Drive since all students already have accounts.
  2. When picking an app to use – make sure it allows you to export the work – ideally to the app selected in #1.
  3. Select the final product and app that will allow you to import work from Google Drive.  This way you can use the various components in one final product.
  4. The Camera Roll is a key place where you can store images and videos you have created with other apps.

This is a sample of what an app-smash might look like:

app Smash Workflow

app Smash Workflow

Many apps specialize in doing one particular aspect of creativity.  Producing soundtracks, video effects, image editing, virtual whiteboards, etc.  If you select a preferred app for each aspect, you can then smash them together in the final product.

Some of the popular apps that are easy to work with:

You can see the presentation slides with other workflows here.

Developing workflows can be an effective way to help students use an iPad to be creative and produce projects that demonstrating their understanding.  One of my goals will be to start collecting and sharing these app- smash workflows for teachers to reference.

3 thoughts on “App-Smashing Workflow

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  2. I would like to recommend Easy Blog or Easy Blogger (both also available in Jr version for lower grades) as the ultimate app smashers. If you can get it to the camera roll, they can get it to your blog faster than you can say “easy blog it”

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