Who Wants More Time?

Okay I cannot make more hours in a day happen, but I can give you this awesome time saving tip.  Are you ready?

Step 1: Get out your iPad/iPhone

Step 2: Open the Google Drive App

Step 3: Open a brand new Doc

Step 4: No need to type anything!  You can press the microphone – next to the space bar – and begin to record your voice.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 1.31.35 PM

Think about the time you will save by not having to type things like report card comments, descriptive feedback to students, directions for the days activities, rubrics, etc.  Once you have whatever you want written you can then copy and paste it into whatever platform you need it in.  One more thing, you will need to say your punctuation.


Do not forget about Siri, she/he/it can be your best friend!  Now that may sound like the movie description to Her, but just go with me on this.  Siri works on iPad 3 or higher, and iPhone 4S or higher.  Make sure Siri is enabled Settings > General > Siri.  Here are a few things Siri can do for you from your iPad

  • Send and read your emails
  • Create a calendar event
  • Remind you of your next staff meeting
  • Launch an app
  • Set reminders
  • Set an alarm
  • Set a timer
  • Send an iMessage
  • Find information on the web
  • Get directions
  • And my favorite – “Play Justin Timberlake”

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