The iPad and The Teacher

We are about halfway done with our Teacher iPad roll out and it has been an exciting experience.  It is also pretty good timing considering that we are currently in Teacher Appreciation Week!  We have three goals at each deployment session:

  1. Chat about cases – Holy toledo this is a very personal question!  Some people like this color, but not that one.  Some want a front cover, and others want a strap to wrap around their hand.  To accommodate as many people as we can, we are offering three different options for cases to our teachers.
  2. Enroll to our Mobile Device Management (MDM) system – This allows us to push apps out to Teachers without taking their iPad away from them to do a sync with a computer.  Amazing.
  3. Complete the iPad scavenger hunt – We gave Teachers ten different activities to do with their iPad before they left – we had to cut it down from our original eighteen!  We wanted them to know a few quick tricks that could make their iPad experience a little more efficient.  Such as taking a screenshot and creating folders.

We want every teacher to have access to the technology we are putting in the hands of our students and provide an opportunity to explore how technology can be used as a tool for learning.  This is one of many steps toward our goal to have students using technology in their individual and group learning everyday.  Check out our iTunes U course “Exploring the iPad” to learn more about how to get started using your iPad!

Apps to check out:

Scholastic Book Wizard  iOS App Teachers can search for a book or use the built-in-barcode scanner to view the following: Title, Author, Interest Level, Reading Level by Grade Level Equivalent, Lexile Measure, Guided Reading Level, and DRA (developmental reading assessment).

eStandards iOS App Teachers can look up California Common Core Standards for ELA, Literacy, Mathematics, and ELD

Too Noisy iOS App Teachers can display this App while students are working within a group settings.  Will display graphically the noise level in the room, and will let the students known when the noise gets too loud.

Download all the FREE APPS that come with your new iPad Mini – click on them to learn more and obtain the download link.


2 thoughts on “The iPad and The Teacher

  1. Hi: Thank you for this post. Funny how something like the type of case can be a major item to deal with – good to know!

    I wanted to ask what MDM you use and if you could share some specifics of your scavenger hunt? Did you create your own or find one online? I think that is a great way to get users to actually *use* the iPad right on the spot. Hopefully, it lessened some of the stress and made the roll-out a bit more relaxed.

    I look forward to reading more updates as time progresses to learn about the first set of successes/lessons.

    • We went with Lightspeed for our MDM. Here is the link to the scavenger hunt we went will. We originally had about 18 things for them to do, and had to cut down to eleven to be able to fit it all in for one training session!

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