ISTE Realizations

I’ve been back in the office for a week now and have had a chance to reflect on learnings from ISTE 2014 in Atlanta.  We were fortunate to have 2 poster sessions accepted there and shared our work with many other educators.  At such a large conference (~17,000 attendees), ISTE can be very overwhelming so I try to pick on a few topics and then look for new products on the exhibit hall.  I will try to share some of these with you here.

Appsmashing – this is an idea that has increased in the last year the focuses on how we use iPads for instructional projects.  I often get asked for the best apps to use and this is a hard question to answer.  There are many apps for learning vocabulary, state capitals, chemistry element, etc.  However, trying to capture all of these apps can lead to scatter and increased learning time as students learn the new apps.  Appsmashing focuses on creating a “suite” of apps that your students can use for multiple projects.  You use  multiple apps to create the individual components of a project and then bring them together in a final summative app and publish.

From what I’ve seem, the categories of apps you’ll want is: drawing, audio recording, avatar creation, whiteboard, ebook, cloud storage, video publishing. An example would be to use Paper53 for drawing graphics which is used in Explain Everything to create a whiteboard lesson, then add audio from Garageband, use an avatar from Tellagami to narrate. Use iMovie to combine these resources. The movie can be used in an iBook or published to Youtube. Drive is used to save the various components and final work.

You can see my list of resources on app-smashing at:

A second area of interest that I found at ISTE was formative assessment tools.  Mastery Connect just bought Socrative to add powerful tool to deliver assessments. Edulastic is a newer company to K-12 – they previously focussed on higher ed – they have a new set of math assessments and will be adding ELA in the next 6 months.  There were several sessions on assessment as well showing a growing interest in this field.

Other quick tidbits, I picked up: a demo account for Google Classroom, using Google Drawing to add interactivity to a Google Site, and creating interactive YouTube videos.


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