One Best Thing

“Discover innovative classroom strategies and activities in these Multi-Touch books by Apple Distinguished Educators.  Each guide in the One Best Thing collection highlights a specific use of Apple products, apps, and other content to transform teaching and learning.  From effective assessment practices to exciting student projects, this professional learning series – devised by outstanding educators – provides practical tips and a lot of inspiration.”  The collection can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Obviously we haven’t gone though each book (there are over 100), but here are some that caught our eye right away.

iPad Enhanced Reading Interventions – Learn how to transform the reading classroom using research based literacy strategies and the power of an iPad

Explain Everything: Formative Assessment and Screencasting – This project provides three repeatable, modular, and scalable examples of teachers using screencasting to captures students thinking, provide contextual feedback, and engage learners in a rich and authentic creation process.

The Shooting Gallery: Film Foundations for the Classroom – This project is originally geared towards a film class, but also lends itself to core classes.  Students make their media-based projects with an iPad, iPhone or Macbook and one period of editing on iMovie or Final Cut Pro X.

Digital Discourse in Mathematics – In this project an early elementary teacher shares strategies for increasing math discourse for young learners via digital drawings, written conversation and video capture.


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