Hour of Code

The Hour of Code begins next Monday, December 8th!  The ‘Hour of Code’ is a nationwide initiative by CSEdWeek and code.org to introduce computer programming to 10 million students around the globe.

Why the Hour of Code?  Well that is an easy answer, exposure.  This hour is meant to spark interested in computer science and programming for our young students.  From the 2010 – 2012 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, across all industries there are 136,620 jobs per year be added to the computing field.  According the the National Science Foundation, there is just not enough students enrolling into Computer Science Undergraduate Programs.  Leaving approximately one million jobs available and not enough people qualified to fulfill them. *information taken from code.org

Check out even more statistics in this infographic

There are many tools out there now that offer introductory courses to both children and adults.  To narrow down the process we have provided a list of tools we like best.  You can find them here!

Check back soon to see student projects that will be created next week.  Happy coding!


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