Search Master – Part 2

Last week we talked about how to filter Google Images and some quick tips on how to find the right image you are looking for.  This week we will discuss various symbols you can use to filter your Google Search.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.04.13 AM

  • ” ” will tell Google to search for that exact phrase.  Search “I have a dream” and Google will search for websites that only contain that phrase, as oppose to searching for the four individual words.
  • – will tell Google to remove a certain search result.  Searching for Eagles, but only want the bird?  Write Eagles -Philadelphia into the omnibox and Google will remove search results of the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • OR will tell Google to pull up search results for both terms you are searching for.  Search Barcelona OR Madrid for results on both locations.
  • .. will tell Google to pull results from that given range.  Searching for information on Princess Diana, but only need a specific time frame? Search Princess Diana 1982..1984
  • * will tell Google that the asterisks is a place holder for an unknown term.  Search “a * saved is a * earned” remember to use ” ” around your phrase.
  • site: will tell Google to search one specific site.  For example: Common Core will pull up articles from The New York Times about Common Core.
  • filetype: will tell Google to search for a specific file type.  You can search for PDFs, Word Docs, Presentations, etc.

Happy searching!


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