Classroom + Drive = Best Friends

Google Classroom and Google Drive are an ideal friendship.  Google Classroom will allow you as a teacher to create assignments and share announcements with your students.  Both assignments and announcements give you the ability to add an attachment from your computer, add a Drive file, add a YouTube link, or add a weblink.  When you create an Assignment, Classroom will automatically create a folder in your Drive account that will house all of your students work.  Best part… you will have editing rights once your students begin their assignment!

When you first create a Classroom Google Drive will automatically create a folder for you titled “Classroom.”  This folder will house all of the Classrooms you are enrolled in as a student or have created as a teacher.

This is a teacher view of my Algebra Classroom.  I have my “Classroom” folder then my “Algebra” folder which will house all of my assignments.  These assignment folders will hold all of my students work, and like I said above will give you editing rights.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.22.09 AM

You can find our presentation on how to get started with Google Classroom here.

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