The New Bookmark

Take a look at your omnibox right now, do you notice the lock icon on the far left?

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.33.55 AM

If you click and drag this icon onto your desktop you can save this website for later use.  It is the same idea as bookmarking a page, except now you have a quick link on your desktop.  Sometimes websites have an icon that looks like a piece of paper instead of the lock, you can do this with those website too.


Within each lesson of our newly adopted Elementary math curriculum “Go Math” there is a “Think Smarter” question.  This question asks students to apply a skill from that lesson, and is matched with a “Math on the Spot” video available with our online subscription.  Cupertino Teachers will gain access to the online subscription during our next learning day.  This video is meant to model problem solving strategies students can use to solve the Think Smarter question.  The videos live on Go Math’s online platform, and it does take a few clicks to get to.  Before students enter your class for the day, spent a minute or two getting to the video.  Then drag the paper icon to the desktop you will be able to quickly get to that video when you and your students are ready to watch it!


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