Google Expeditions Come to CUSD

Imagine you could take your students on a virtual field-trip to almost anywhere in the world.  Now imagine themstudent's view being able to explore that virtual location on their own rather than watching what someone else is deciding they should see.  This is the new Google Expeditions that Montclaire Elementary piloted last Friday.

With Google Expeditions, students view a cell phone through special googles.  The image is a 360 degree image so that when the student turns his/ her head the image will change as well – its as if they are in the location.  What’s special about the Google Expeditions is that in Teacher viewaddition the teacher can direct the students to look in a particular direction and teacher notes are available for the teacher to describe what the students are looking at.

Students visited the moon, rainforests, the ocean, US National parks, California parks, and many more locations.  It was amazing watching the student engage in the learning, reflecting on what i would be like to be at the location and also the freedom they had to explore that location.  students view


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