Virtual Reality Field Trips Come to Cupertino

Students at Muir Elementary School had a chance to experience a new way for students to
travel to far way places.  Google Expeditions took the students to a variety of biomes around the world so students could understand better what they had learnIMG_20160531_131529455_HDRed in class.  Students went from the Antartica to the desert, to IMG_20160531_133351085looking underwater at turtles, and finally bring it back home by going into the California Academy of Science.  This was all within 30 minutes.

Using a set of material available from the Teacher Resource Center, students can look through a VR viewfinder (link goes to a short video) and listen as their teacher guides them through any of the 150 locations available.  Virtual Reality gives students control over what they want to investigate and allows them to feel like they are in the location.

IMG_20160531_135358708After visiting each biome, students brainstormed what they learned, experienced and what they wanted to learn about how climate change affected the biomes.  At the end the students compared the experience to a typical lesson

Google EDU has been taking the experience around the world to classrooms. back in November students at Montclaire Elementary had a chance to experience this learning, but that was limited to getting time on Google’s schedule.  Now CUSD teachers can request this experience for their class any day.IMG_20160519_170812711_HDR


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