Google Classroom Features


Google Classroom has added several features over the last 6 months that you might appreciate in your classroom workflow:

  • Parent communication
  • Annotation
  • Differentiated assignments

Parents can now receive weekly emails about their child’s assignments and keep up to date with your class.  They only have access to their child’s work and assignments.  They do not have the ability to see any discussions or other communication that might involve another student.  In order to sign parents up – the teacher needs to go to the Google Classroom – choose the Students tab and then enter the parent’s email address.  This may not be reasonable to secondary teachers with over 100 students. YouTube Tutorial on adding Parents.

Google Classroom & iPads – if you are using an iPad for Google Classroom, you now have the ability to annotate any document.  As a teacher you can share a PDF, image, Google Doc or other file and students can choose to annotate it instead of editing it. When they are done, it is submitted as a PDF back to the teacher.  This can be a great resource in math, science and other subjects where you need to draw to show your understanding.YouTube Tutorial on Annotation.

Lastly, you can now give assignments to different students.  Not every student might need to do the same work – you can now choose to give students the resources that are appropriate for where they are at.  When creating an assignment or post – you can choose which students will receive it.  YouTube Tutorial on Differentiation


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