Sharing Successes with Units of Study

At the end of each Units of Study unit, we like to share the successes and examples of student writing.  Here are 3 ways you might consider having your students share what they accomplished during the unit.  These are not meant to be perfect pieces of writing, but rather showing what the student is proud of.

  1. Create an animated version of the story.  With Toontastic 3D (Free) students can create multiple scenes and characters from their story.  They can animate each object as they narrate the story.  This is a great way to use the iPad to bring life to your story.  The final product is a video that an be shared easily.
  2. Sketchnoting – this is also called Visual Notetaking.  If you have ever seen a video where the animated hand “sketches” out the ideas of the speaker – that is sketch noting.

    With Units of Study, you can group your students in groups of 3 or 4.  Have 1 student read their story out loud to the their group. The other members then can use Sketchbook EDU to draw the story they listening to.  At the end the group members can share their drawing back to the author via AirDrop.  The author now has a visual of what their story “looks” like.  Before diving in, you’ll want to work with your students on practicing sketchnoting so they have some ideas and tools on how to do this effectively.  Use a story you are studying, perhaps in science or social studies and ask your students to draw what they are hearing.  Go slowly and read it out loud a few times.  Additionally, here are links to some tools that can help scaffold this concept. Here are some resources to teach Sketchnoting:

  3. Create an ebook using Pages to enhance the highlights of the story for the end of the unit celebration.  Alyssa Goularte’s 5th grade class used the magazine template to create an article based on their informational writing unit.  They used Keynote to create timelines, graphs, and graphics that were imported into Pages.  Pages then took the headings of the paragraphs can created headlines in a magazine format.  Listen to one of her students explain the process. Check out these examples: Magellan Columbus



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