Padlet and Thinglink

Check out this great example of combining Thinglink and Padlet to share student work!  Angie McCulloch is a sixth grade teacher at Cupertino Middle and had her students curate articles, pictures, videos, and information about Endangered Panthers.  Once students had enough information they worked in pairs to create their Thinglink.  Their final step is to embed their Thinglink onto a class Padlet wall.  Click the image below to see these great projects!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.58.45 AM

Angie and her students also use Padlet with the stories they are reading in class.  Students are asked to post claims and examples/evidence of their opinion on the authors message.  This way students can see what their classmates are thinking and frame their class discussion based on various claims they read from the Padlet wall.

Talk about #eduawesome!


Classroom Keeps Getting Better!

Check out the newest updates on Google Classroom

  • More than one teacher per Classroom
  • Create Assignments and Announcements as drafts to post at a later time
  • Autosaved grades
  • Notification will be sent to teachers when a students leaves a private comment on any assignment

Want to get started with Google Classroom?  You can find the Cupertino Union School District Getting Started Presentation Here!

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