We will post stories about teachers in the Cupertino Union School District who are embracing technology.  You can also find teacher approved apps, websites, as well as open educational resources.

Amy Wong

Amy Wong – Director of Instructional Technology

Amy is passionate about transforming the way people learn through technology.  Prior to working in education, Amy programmed polar-orbiting weather satellites as a software engineer.  Amy spend the last four years working at Silicon Valley Education Foundation as the Director of STEM Integration.  In her spare time, Amy enjoys indoor rocking climbing, biking, tae kwon do, and photography.  Amy did her undergrade at UC Berkeley and a masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Software Management and a masters degree in education from the Learning Design and Technology program at Stanford University.  You can follow her on Twitter: @amywamy22


Greg Pitzer – Coordinator of Instructional Technology
Greg is a former middle school science and technology teacher. He is interested helping students personalize their learning and providing them multiple pathways to learning. Previous to Cupertino, he worked at Santa Clara County Office Office of Education as an academic technologist and at the NASA Digital Learning Network as an education specialist.  He loves to travel abroad and has visited 49 states. You can find his presentations at: www.gregpitzer.com and follow him @edtech2learn.
Molly Hardy – Instruction Support Teacher, Technology
Molly started my career in Education as a Middle School Math Teacher and loved having her students using iPads for collaboration and student work. She believe that everyone has the capacity to have a growth mindset, and that all students can master content. Molly enjoys being a novice rock climber, and has a goal to one day finish a Half-Ironman.  You can connect with her via Twitter.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Molly,

    I saw your recent post about the tech orientation at Miller Middle School.

    I work for a screen casting app called bContext. If you have sometime, I would love to speak to you to quickly learn more about how you are deploying tech in the classroom and potentially to get your feedback on our app. I think your background in EdTech is fascinating and that your feedback would be invaluable to us.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Very cool blog! I didn’t know you ‘guys’ were doing this until I saw it at #hourofcode. Keep up the good work and Thank You! Best wishes, Gary McCue

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